5 Core Exercises to Get in Shape

#1 – DO GET-UPS:

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The most common core training fault: too many crunches and sit-ups. People like to feel that abdominal burn, believing that the fat will vanish from their stomachs and that their core will end up plainly solid.
That couldn’t possibly be far from the truth. Crunches and sit-ups can’t come to those “profound” core muscles – for this situation, the transverse abdominis – that should be reinforced.

One incredible alternative to sit-ups and crunches is the Turkish get-up. The Turkish get-up is an ideal mix of mobility, stability, functional motions, proprioception and core strength. The plenitude of moving parts in this activity gives an extraordinary boost to the core, in addition to other strength and motion benefits.

If you want to feel your abs burn, do some heavy get-ups with a weight that is sufficiently heavy to enable the profound muscles of your core.

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